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About Marley Building Systems/ Etex: The incorporation of Lafarge Gypsum into Marley Building Systems (a subsidiary of the Etex Group) is an ongoing concern that has allowed us to add a huge array of dry construction solutions into our stable, including Light Weight Steelframe, Fibre Cement Boards (Kalsi), high end Ventilated Fibre Cement Facades (Equitone), passive fire control systems and solutions (PROMAT) and Roofing solutions. Technical solutions in plasterboard (moisture, thermal, fire and acoustic boards) are also available. Our Siniat Plasterboards and affiliated systems have been awarded the Global GreenTag GBCSA Level B and LCARate Bronze certification which is the highest rating in South Africa. Environmental and quality assurance in our products are apparent, as we remain the only local manufacturer with SANS 266 SABS Mark Scheme accreditation for all our plasterboards.

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An overview of LSFB in SA and the history thereof, from its application to acceptability. Also covered are the following subjects: Benefits, quality assurance & industry protection, legal requirements, typical assemblies (foundations, floors, walls, ceilings, roofs etc), services, manufacturing and built examples.

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