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Seaqual (Pty) Ltd is a South African owned company based in Knysna. Our WetFloor and Full-Bore range of gullies, traps and drains have been tested and certified by Agrément SA and our quality processes are ISO 9001 certified. We design, manufacture and distribute water drainage solutions that we injection mould using various types of plastic eg HDPE, ABS, polypropylene, glass reinforced nylon and hostaform. Our products have been used and installed by plumbers on residential, commercial and light industrial construction projects throughout South Africa, Africa and Mauritius for the past 17 years without a single product failure. We also manufacture an innovative pipe anchor used to secure plumbing and electrical pipes to any surface.

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Please ensure that you tune in a few minutes before the session begins to avoid the disruption of having to admit viewers after the presentation has started. You will be muted during the presentation but will be able to type in questions using the chat feature at the bottom middle of your screen. Two of my technical staff will respond whilst the presentation is in progress. We find this works well as it avoids interruptions during the presentation. Once complete, all viewers will be unmuted and well welcome to engage in discussion with our team.

Physical product will be used to demonstrate the features, uses, benefits and qualities of QualiDrain. The product is patented in SA, USA, UK, Germany, France and Australia. It is a combined linear channel drain and catch pit that is easy to assemble by either clicking or sliding components together similar to Lego. The beauty of this product is that it requires NO junction boxes, maintains a UNIFORM grate pattern when connected in either a T, L, + or linear configuration and has a carrying capacity exceeding FIFTEEN TONS!! It is deeper and wider than products currently on the market and the customer has 5 grate colour options. There is a choice of either 50 or 75mm side outlet and two bottom pipe connectors of either 50 or 75mm. Our 75/110mm universal adapter can be used to connect any off the 75mm outlets to a 110mm waste pipe. Channels come fitted with a disposable cover that remains in position during installation and is replaced with a grate that is pristine and clean once the concrete has cured. This results in a neat finish and a happy customer. The channel exterior side walls have robust ribbing to ensure firm anchoring in the concrete.

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