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Company Overview and Introduction to QualiDrain, a combined linear drain and catch

Seaqual (Pty) Ltd is a South African owned ISO 9001 company based in Knysna. All products in our range that require SABS certification have been tested and certified by Agrément SA. We design and distribute water drainage solutions that are injection moulded from plastics. They have been used by plumbers on residential, commercial and light industrial construction projects throughout South Africa, Africa and Mauritius for 17 years. We also manufacture an innovative pipe anchor used to secure plumbing and electrical pipes to any surface.

My partner Richard Sohn and myself will present and discuss the features, uses, benefits and qualities of our newest product, the QualiDrain. We will use physical components and not powerpoint slides. QualiDrain is patented in SA, USA, UK, Germany, France and Australia. It has been designed as a combined linear channel drain and catch pit that is assembled simply by clicking/sliding components together similar to Lego, requires no junction boxes, maintains a uniform grate pattern when connected in a T, L or +, is deeper and wider than currently available competitor products, has a carrying capacity in excess of 15 tons, is available in 5 colours, with a choice of 50 or 75mm side outlet and two bottom outlets of either 50, 75 or 110mm, with a cover for use during installation that is discarded and replaced with a pristine grate once the concrete has cured and has ribbing/bracing on the sides of the channel to ensure firm anchoring once concrete has set. The audience may type in questions during the presentation.

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An overview of the innovative Qualidrain by Seaqual.

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