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Solar Systems - Online

Online - Accredited Solar CPD + Solar Innovation Launch

Professionals (Architects and Electrical Engineers) are invited to attend this exciting online presentation, on the 8th of February, broadcasted live from AAAMSA Head Office in Midrand.

This online event will commence at 10:00am with a short 30-minute introduction of Marley’s New Elegant Solar Innovation, followed by Marley’s Accredited Solar CPD Course.

Basic Agenda:

10:00 – 10:30 – Introduction of Marley’s New Elegant Solar Innovation ** Optional!
10:30 – 12:00 – Solar CPD ** Due to this CPD running alongside an In-person event, we may not be able to answer online questions, hence for any questions related to the CPD session, please email to receive a reply within 24 hours.

CPD contents: "An Introduction to Rooftop Solar Systems”

- Solar system components
- Types of solar systems
- Types of Solar PV Arrays - Panels, Solar Tiles, In-roof Solar Panels
- Basic Architectural design criteria for solar
- Aspects to consider when deciding on solar

This CPD will be presented by Rocco Barnard (Pr. Eng) of INGWE Projects and Consulting.

Marley Roofing - Online

Marley Roofing - Online

Marley Roofing:
With more than 65 years of roofing expertise and heritage, Marley Roofing continues to shape the roofscapes of South Africa.

Ingwe Projects and Consulting:
Ingwe is a project management, engineering and consulting company specializing in the Mining, Energy and Infrastructure Sectors.

Ingwe delivers high quality professional services by applying years of prior experience on small through to large capital projects on all continents. Committing to local transformation and sustainability in line with the South African Governments aspirational requirements of empowering local citizens, small businesses and communities.


8 February 2022 at 08:00:00






1.5 hours








All SAIA accredited courses carry an administration fee from SAIA. They will invoice you directly if the hosts have not made arrangements with SAIA to pay on your behalf. Please query this with the host.

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