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SANS 10400-N & SABISA Ceilings and Partitions Online Training

A presentation developed for Glazing Companies, Aluminium Fabricators, Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Facility and Project Managers, Building Inspectorate, Building Contractors and Individuals involved with design or installation of glass in buildings and has been enriched to include additional information on Drywalls and Ceilings, presented by Mr. Farayi Muhamba

Presentation Content

• AAAMSA Group Introduction • Glazing Terminology
• Glass Types
• Glazing Applications
• Building Classification
• Building Regulations
• SANS 10400-N: 2012 Ed 3.1 (Glazing)
• SANS 10400-D: 2011 Ed 3 (Public safety)
• SANS 10400-T: 2011 Ed 3 (Fire protection)
• SANS 1263-1: 2013 Ed 3.2 (Safety performance of glazing under human impact) • SANS 10137: 2011 Ed 4 (The installation of glazing in buildings)
• SANS 613:2011

Please follow the instructions below, for more information and to register for the Training

• Visit the AAAMSA Website by opening the link
• Click on the Training Tab
• Click on the highlighted Introduction to SANS10400-N (Glazing) & SABISA Drywalls and Ceilings link
• Open the Agenda highlighted link to download the Agenda
• Click on the Red “Add to Calendar” button to automatically add the preferred Presentation date to your Outlook Calendar
• Click on the light Blue “More Information” button
• Complete all the fields with your details
• Click on the Request Registration to automatically receive the information & application form

Please Note:

• You will receive an email with the Presentation information – Read through the email
• Open the Attached Registration Form
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• Save the Registration / Application Form on your desktop and email it back to Minouise on the provided email address below
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1 October 2021 at 06:30:00






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The Association of Architectural Aluminium Manufacturers of South Africa (AAAMSA) was founded by eight companies in July 1974 to foster trade and commerce in relation to those persons associated in the manufacture and installation of architectural aluminium structures. Its main objective is to promote commercial and group interest

AAAMSA is a non-profit, voluntary organization committed to fostering trade and commerce in relation to the persons associated in the manufacture and installation of Fenestration, Glass & Glazing, Thermal, Ceiling and Partitioning in the Building Industry.

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