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Lightweight concrete

Lightweight concrete - the options, advantages and applications


10 September 2021 at 11:00:00






1 hour






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CemteQ Building Solutions

CemteQ Building Solutions

CemteQ specialises in developing and producing unique, value-adding products that advance the use of sustainable building materials to benefit people and the planet.

Many of these have been used internationally since the 1940s but have not been fully explored in the South African or African context. High quality Perlite is used as an aggregate replacement or partial replacement together with cement and special admixtures to produce unique and bespoke solutions for plaster, screeds and lightweight concrete applications. The end result is products which have significant insulation, fire-resistance and lightweight properties.

We also produce a range of lightweight concrete products using recycled aggregate for a host of applications. These are available preblended and bagged in various densities from 500 kg/m3 to 1000 kg/m3 for various strength requirement from 1.3MPa to 10MPa. Certain mix designs are also available in readymix for larger volumes and for higher strengths. Our recycled polystyrene waste particles are coated to prevent static, enhance mixing and adhesion to cement and to ensure uniform dispersion of the beads through the mix. The end result is a sustainable lightweight concrete which offers excellent fire and thermal-resistance as well as end-of-life recycleability.

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