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Interior and Exterior Finishes

Solid Surfaces
Thin HPL Laminates
Interior Compacts
Exterior Compacts
Max RE Compacts for the Laboratory and Health industries



When building, renovating or redoing any space, there are a number of aspects to consider – not least of all the interior and exterior finishes.

Finishes are as important as the foundation. It is the detail that turns your bathroom into a sanctuary, your kitchen into a culinary playground or your retail or office space into a cutting-edge environment. At Salvocorp we understand the value of top-quality finishes and use our technical know-how, passion and experience to supply a range of interior and exterior finishes that will bring your vision to life.

From basins, tub decks and counter tops to furnishing finishes and specialised papers, we are able to offer you complete finishing solutions. Our range of products complement a variety of applications and are backed by global manufacturers.

Our commitment to bringing you world-class finishes is backed by our pledge to look after our environment while doing so. We are especially interested in, and excited by, the market for environmentally sensitive technologies and carbon neutral products.

For you, it’s all about the image of your finished space; for us, it’s all about upholding our responsibility to our customers and the planet.


25 August 2020 at 11:00:00






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