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How it Works

Experience Efficiency

It is a statutory requirement to comply with all the provisions of both the Building Standards Act Section 14(2A) and the National Building Regulations (Regulation A19) in order to obtain an Occupation Certificate from the Local Authority.

Specifying Techniques is an experienced roof inspectorate who follows the roof erection process from start to finish.


Services we offer:

  • Supervision of newly erected timber structures

  • Certification of new timber roof structures

  • Roof structure evaluation assessments

  • Awarding of A19 certificates

Regulation Compliance

A19 Certificates for Beneficial Occupation

Affordable Consultation

Meet planning regulations efficiently

The successful Erection of Timber Structures is possible through compliance with the National Building Regulations, as contained in the SANS 102453 & SANS 10400(L) codes of Practice.


Our role as inspectors is therefor to check that these guidelines are carefully followed and that pre-fabricated trusses that are handled with care, erected and installed correctly.

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