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FunderMax Interior Max RE (resistance)

Max Resistance (MAX RE) is extremely resilient to chemical and physical abuse - thanks to the patented RE technology. It's completely uniform and joint free, and permanently resistant to moisture.

MAX RE is unaffected when it comes into contact with even the most concentrated or aggressive chemicals, such as sulfuric, hydrochloric, hydrofluoric acids or hydrogen peroxide.

Sheet sizes and thicknesses:
3660 x 1630mm

Standard thicknesses are 4mm - 25mm

Laboratory Furniture, Chemical Surfaces

FunderMax Interior Max RE (resistance)

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Product Specification

Specify colour and code for example 0075 Dark Grey.

Use FunderMax Max Resistance 0075 Dark Grey | 3660x1630x20MM according to design through an installer.

Measurements re done by installer.

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