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Salvocorp Carbon Compact Range

A distinctive surface treatment on the Carbon’s range decorative layer gives a silky and smooth tactile user experience. Its high resistance to micro-scratches and abrasion helps avoiding surface distortions and gives a lasting impression.
Carbon is extremely matt and near to zero gloss which gives its optical elegance via intensive light absorbance and
homogeneous colour dispersion.

Toilet Cubicles, Lockers, Gyms, Workspaces, Emergency Doors, Doors, Bumper Rails, Work Surfaces, Furniture, Kitchen Counters

Salvocorp Carbon Compact Range

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Private Home


Shower Dividers

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Product Specification

Specify colour and code for example 8101 Black Soft-touch finish.

For cladding purposes: Either glue, rivet or concealed fix 8101 Black Soft-touch finish Interior Salvocorp Carbon Compact sheet | 3660x1400x12mm |onto substrate against brick wall.

For furniture use 8101 Black Soft-touch interior Salvocorp Carbon Compact sheet as self-supporting counter for furniture design.

For cubicles and shower dividers use 8101 Black Soft-touch interior Salvocorp Carbon Compact sheet within the structural design of the installer.

Measurements are done by installer.

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