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Salto Energy Saving Device (RFID Card)


Smart Energy Saving Device



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Salto System

BOQ Specification

The in room energy saving device (ESD) must help to save up to 65% of a hotel room or student dorms electricity consumption and only authorized Guest key cards will switch on the lights. Any other card (frequent flyer, business card etc) or other cards belonging to other rooms will not activate the lights.
Should also be available in a connected on-line version, which as well as energy saving indicates in real-time the presence of guests or staff in a room, logging the information directly into the hotel PC. When a guest enters the room and inserts their card into the ESD it switches on all electrical equipment. When staff enter the room for cleaning or maintenance,
The ESD recognizes their staff card and switches the first relay on and only the electrical equipment they need to do their work.
Second relay can be used to switch other electrical devices as the AC, or the Room Management System (RMS). This unit can also enable temporized AC activation.




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