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Product Details & Specifications

Salto Systems


XS4 One

Product Description

Smart Access Control Lock

BOQ Specification

a. Design:
1. Reader, handle, controller:
• Stainless Steel Material.
• No visible screws from the inside or outside housing.
• Reader to be part of the handle.
• No mechanical override from outside.
• Door state monitored through door contact.
• One led to indicate card acceptance or rejection.
• Handle shall be approved by the designer \ consultant.
• Controller shall be part of the handle.
• NFC compatible
• BLE Compatible

b. Electronic Lock minimum requirement:
• Battery Type: alkaline batteries non-proprietary available in the local market.
• Battery life Minimum 40.000 opening.
• Non-volatile memory, not to lose the data when changing the batteries.
• Batteries located in side of the room.
• Auditable and visual Battery indicator.
• Memory: up to 2.000 Audit trail.
• Write on the card the battery status.
• Write on the card the audit transactions.
• IP55 Compliant, external escutcheon (handle).

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Project References

Nelson Mandela University


Gallagher Power Fence (SA) (Pty) Ltd

Stellenbosch University

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