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Sliding Door Solutions and Products

61 Years – Quality in Motion

Hillaldam is an ISO 9001:2008 accredited manufacturer, supplying a full range of Hardware to international markets for use on Steel, Timber, Aluminium and Glass doors and windows. In addition to our standard ranges Hillaldam has also built up an enviable reputation for bespoke manufacture on specialist projects and is recognized in the marketplace for providing modern yet functional solutions for any customer requirement.

We are the market leader in South Africa and have been responsible for the innovation and development of many new products and systems which are now marketed widely throughout South Africa, and the rest of the World.

Hillaldams strength lies in our ability to develop new products and systems of excellent quality in reasonable time frames at very competitive prices. Having our own manufacturing base allows us the control we require to carry out such innovation and production effectively, efficiently, and to the desired quality standard. This ability, along with Hillaldam’s continued focus on producing quality components and systems has allowed us to form strategic partnerships with a number of clients internationally who recognize the benefit of such an association.

Hillaldam has a current export base into most of Africa, Indian Ocean islands and further afield internationally to Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, USA, Asia and the Middle East. We have branches or distribution outlets in South Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Australia, United Kingdom, USA, Asia and the Middle East.
Hillaldam prides itself in the Quality and Innovation of both product and service.


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