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Pivot Pro SA

Tilt-able gutter systems

As far back as 1987, the first commercial attempt was made to devise a tilting gutter. Since then, many more attempts have been made worldwide to invent the perfect low maintenance gutter. All of them had the same common problems, they were expensive; they were ugly; they were cumbersome, and they did not work. 

In August 2016 we looked at our own gutters which were in desperate need of replacement. We knew that we easily had the most unsightly gutters in the city but we also knew that if we replace them, they will look exactly the same in a matter of months. Gutters need to be cleaned weekly which either do not get done or are not done properly as it is an almost impossible task due to our high, steep and slippery roofs. We knew that another solution was needed. That is when we headed over to the drawing board. 
We spent over three years researching, planning and developing various models through trial and error. Our founder, Johann, and a dear friend, the late Terry White, who had a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering were able to invent the first-ever tilting gutter that works without fault on all roofs, including corners, that we called the Tip Gutter. 

In 2019, amidst the global Coronavirus pandemic, the first commercial Tip Gutter installations took place. We spent many more hours on modifications to the system to make it even better.
We soon realised that the need for total rainwater management was larger than expected so we started investigating possible expansion into a broader rainwater management position. Early in 2021 we started the journey of franchising our business. The first store was opened in Nelspruit under the new Pivot Pro brand. 

To this date, Pivot Pro provides unrivalled rainwater collection & management services. We are constantly working to improve our products, services and customer experience. We strive to truly create a better environment through all our business activities, from the material we use and the disposal of old gutters up to social investment. We have partnered with South African companies for manufacturing and distribution while we try to ease unemployment through our installation teams.


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